Google+ Glass & Window cleaning cloth smear free using only water

For Streak Free, Smear Free Glass Cleaning.

Using Only Water !!

The Kaywos Glass Cleaning Cloth

( Go Green The Easy Way )

  • Order yours today, this streak free, spot free, and lint free no chemicals needed cleaning cloth! The Kaywos microfiber cloth cleans with just water. All your glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless, chrome.... anything non-porous will come shiny clean with the cloth and water alone! Wet the cloth, wring it out, and your ready to wipe - It polishes as it cleans with just water! The cloth is machine washable with soap and bleach. (Do not use fabric softener or your dryer on the cloth.) The cloth uses absloutely no chemicals to clean and leaves no lint or streaks behind. Save Time and Money the 2 things we never have enough

    of . Just wipe and walk away clean your house the easy way. Cleans Mirrors, Computers, TVs, Glasses, Shower doors, Stainless steal, Chrome and much much more. click HERE for product demo
  • "Kaywos Cloth" Registered trademark with patented "zezo fiber" a special yarn that is 0.1denier, an ultra fine Micro fiber. This filament is very fine, strong and is virtually lint-free. The wedge-shaped polyester shown in this cross section, together with the core nylon, fits the surface of any object and gathers dust efficiently.This ultra fine "Kaywos cloth" does not damage any surface. The fibers grab and hold dirt, dust and grime. This is the magnet effect.Made from 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide (nylon) Single fiber is approximately 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. Disperses oil, grease, dirt, grime, film, dust. Tough on dirt and gentle on surface. Kaywos Cloth holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid. Each fiber is 200 times finer than a human hair! (this is the secret of micro fibers incredible cleaning ability). Size info: 16" X 16" (please note that all our cloths are first quality) Weight: 130g



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    Hi Kev, Received cleaning clothes they do really "WORK" I was having problems cleaning my car windscreen,tried all the old tricks,ie vinegar,meths, all theusual rubbish they sell at car accessory shops without success. I tried the kaywos cloth twice and my sccreen is now as clean as new. Thanks will certainly be recommending them to my friends 
    Good Luck with future sales.
    All the best for Christmas and the New Year too you and the family   
    Mike Kendrick
    Derby 26/11/13 

    Busymama Wrote "With kids and dogs, my doors and windows always have hand or nose prints. When cleaning the dogs' noseprints off the window, I'd have to spray glass cleaner, let it sit, wipe and repeat. This cloth took everything off quickly and easily. I use on appliances, mirrors, glass shower doors. Love them...and no chemical residue left behind for kids or dogs".


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